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We've developed amazing features on top of an award-winning superior swap system for Surf Life Saving Clubs, Australia wide.

Patrol Swaps

Make Swap Requests & Offers
Using Swapsea, we make it easier for club members to manage their patrol commitments. By making it easier to swap patrols, we can reduce the number of no-shows and ensure that replacements are accountable. Meaning your patrol captains can manage their people better and with greater confidence by knowing who is going to be on the beach in advance, as well who is qualified to do what.

Patrol Team Minimum Requirements
Patrol Swaps in Swapsea are based on Patrols as a team meeting minimum requirements to be on duty. This means that swaps are not limited to both people having the same qualifications. As long as both teams affected by the swap can still meets the minimum requirements afterwards, anyone is free to swap with anyone else.

Skills Maintenance

Skills Sessions
Managing Skills Maintenance is a massive task. Ensuring everyone is up-to-speed with new techniques and not only gets a tick in the box, but has the opportunity to brush up on skills and referesh the memory banks is critical part to club operations.

Swapsea allows you to create Skills Maintenance Sessions, and then have club members sign up to them. Each session can focus on a particular skill set or award like Bronze Medallion or Advanced Resuscitation Techniques, and limit the numbers to each session so that the instructor-to-student ratio allows for a better learning environment.

Awesome Reports

Patrol Sign-On Sheets
We help club members manage their patrol commitments, so it's only natural we help Patrol Captains out by providing up-to-date patrol sign-on sheets that are dynamically generated and account for all swaps in-and-out. Plus they include up-to-date records of awards and contact details. We might even start adding in weather and swell conditions in the near future. Wouldn't that be great? We think so.


Weekly Patrol Reminders
We all get distracted from time to time, and forget we have a patrol on the weekend. Not anymore? Why? Because we're going to remind you during the week. Each week we send out emails to patrollers on for the coming weekend. This time can be set by each club depending on what works better for you.

Skills Maintenance Reminders
Motivating and ensuring every patroller attends a Skills Maintenance Session can be a daunting task. That's why Swapsea helps out and continually reminds those who haven't signed up yet - to sign up. And we remind them again the week they need to attend.

Calendar Sync

iCalendar is a file format (.ics) used to share events to your calendar. We dynamically generate these files for you so you can add all your patrol commitments automatically to your Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar or any other service that supports .ics files. It's just another thing we do to help managing your patrol diary easier.

Mobile Ready

Better for the active you
We live in time dominated by information and technology, where 60% of websites are accessed via mobile phones or tablets. Managing your patrol commitments can now be done on-the-fly as you ride the bus, train or ferry to work. We have made the interface to be mobile-ready. That means it looks and behaves as well if not better on your smart-phone as it would on your desktop computer. Anything less would be sub-standard.

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Patrol Swaps
Skills Maintenance
Weekly Reminders
Calendar Sync
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$ 799 /season
After 30th September 2017
Patrol Swaps
Skills Maintenance
Weekly Reminders
Calendar Sync
*pricing excludes GST

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